Professional Bat Removal Services In Pennsylvania

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Emergency Bat Removal

batser1Every now and then a bat may finds its way into a home or office and become trapped. If you are in need of assistance give us call any time day or night and we will promptly be at your door ready to locate and remove the lost bat. Once we have properly removed the bat we will inspect the location to determine how the bat found its way in to begin with. Bats are a known carrier of Rabies and care should be taken not to come in contact with a live bat. If you may have been scratched or bitten by a bat it is best to contain the bat and have it tested for rabies , as well as contact your physician. If you have bats frantically flying around inside your home stay calm and remember that the bats mean no harm and are only trying to find their way back outside.


Bat Exclusion and Bat Proofing

batser2When it comes to permanently removing bats from a structure whether it be a residence, commercial property, a church, barn or building we can handle it, guaranteed! Bats are creatures of habit and will return year after year to their roosting sites , which may be your attic, unless the structure is sealed properly to prevent bats from entering. We have many years of experience resolving the worst bat infestations humanely without causing harm to this beneficial species. A proper bat exclusion or “bat proofing” is a difficult process usually involving high ladder work and construction skills. All of our exclusion work is completed with quality materials designed to blend in unnoticed and protect your property from a bat infestation for years to come. We offer a complete 100% guarantee on all of our bat exclusion work against a future re-infestation. Give us a call anytime for a Free phone consultation and we will answer any questions you may have.

Attic Clean out and Guano Removal

Once we have rid your property of the invading bats we complete a full inspection of any attic space or the location the bats were using as a roosting site. Over time bat droppings or “guano” will accumulate in large quantities contaminating insulation and other materials. Bat guano in large amounts can be hazardous to your health causing lung infections and a disease called Histoplasmosis. Upon inspection we supply our customers with written estimates for any damage remediation needed such as bat guano removal, insulation replacement and sanitization. We offer complete solutions to your bat problems , when you are ready to get rid of your bats once and for good give us a call, we can help.

Bat House Installation

batser3Bats are a very beneficial species in Pennsylvania and are sometimes a welcome guest on a property as long as they have a place to roost outdoors where they belong. Since their diet consists mainly of insects they do a great job controlling the insect population. A bat house can be installed to ensure the bats have a safe roosting location without causing conflicts with people. Bat houses can be installed on a tree in a desirable location or erected on a pole in an open area. Without bats in our environment insect populations would explode causing an unbalance in our ecosystem.


Property Inspections

We perform inspections on commercial and residential properties to determine if any bats or other wildlife are living in the residence and what damage may have been caused. This type of service may be needed for real estate transactions or just piece of mind for a home owner who may believe wildlife has invaded their home. If any work is necessary we supply our customers with a written detailed estimate.

Wildlife Removal and Animal Control

Seitz Wildlife is a full service professional wildlife control company offering all types of animal control services in PA. Along with bat removal we handle other animals such as squirrels, raccoons, birds, skunks, groundhogs, snakes, deer, rodents and any other wild creature that may cause a conflict with people. We use the latest wildlife removal equipment and techniques to humanely solve any animal conflict that may occur in a urban environment. We are not your normal exterminating company, we offer poison free and wildlife friendly solutions that will put an end to your wildlife problem for good.

We routinely perform bat removal and bat exclusion in PA in accordance to state laws. Areas often serviced include West Chester , Malvern, Phoenixville, Downingtown , Wayne , Devon , Media , Drexel Hill , Havertown, Springfield , Chaddsford, Norristown , Plymoth Meeting , Ambler , Horsham , Chestnut Hill , Mount Airy , Radnor , Newtown, Chalfont , Philadelphia and more. If you are in need of professional bat pest control in Delaware county , Chester county , Montgomery County , Philadelphia or Bucks county,PA give us a call , we can help.

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