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  • Do you have a lost bat flying inside your home or building?
  • Is your home or Attic infested with bats?
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altbatWe provide professional bat removal services in Ardmore, PA such as live bat removal, bat exclusion, bat guano removal, bat house installations, and more. Our team of professionals are experienced in removing bats from places like attics, chimneys, walls, basements, ceilings, living rooms and work places.

All of our bat exclusion work is 100% guaranteed against future bat infestations. We specialize in humane bat removal and bat exclusion in Ardmore, PA and can solve even the worst bat problems. All of our bat exclusion work is completed using quality materials designed to keep the invading bat out and blend in to the existing building materials unnoticed. If you are experiencing a bat infestation in Ardmore , PA and are looking for a permanent solution to your bat problem we can help, guaranteed!

We are not your average bat exterminator. Seitz Wildlife specializes in the humane removal of all nuisance wildlife using the most up to date wildlife control techniques and equipment. Seitz Wildlife is licensed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and is fully insured. We are experienced in animal removal from places like attics, chimneys, inside walls and many other difficult locations. We offer poison free wildlife control solutions that are guaranteed to solve your problem. Give us a call today and ask how we can help!

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Seitz Wildlife offers all types of humane animal control and wildlife removal in Ardmore , PA such a raccoon removal, bat control, skunk removal, rodent control, bird control and much more. We commonly service local towns such as Havertown, Bryn Mawr, Wynnewood, Haverford, Narberth, Bala Cynwyd, Broomall, Newtown Square, Wayne , Paoli, Devon, Berwyn and more.

Bat Exclusion or “Bat Proofing”

Bat exclusion also know as “Bat Proofing” is the process of sealing all gaps and openings on the exterior of a structure to prevent any bats from entering. Bat proofing a home or building is most often a difficult task involving high ladder work, construction skills and knowledge of local wildlife behaviors.If done incorrectly bats can become trapped inside a structure and will search for any possible exit which can lead them into rooms and living quarters. We routinely solve even the most difficult bat infestations in commercial and residential properties. Once we have properly excluded the unwanted bats from your home or property we supply our customers with a written guarantee stating your property is 100% bat proof.

The timing of bat exclusion or “Bat Proofing”

In Pennsylvania bats usually awake from their winter hibernation and return to their summer roosts by late March and early April depending on weather conditions. By late May maternity colonies of bats have chosen their roosting site and are giving birth to their young. By late July the young bats are developed enough to fly on their own and leave the roost each night to feed along with the mature bats.

Bat exclusion must be completed during the time either before the young bats are born in May or once the young bats are old enough to exit the structure in late July. Bats are a protected species in Pennsylvania and any bat exclusion must be done at a time that ensures the survival of the young bats. By law Bat exclusion cannot be completed between mid May and late July.

The biggest problem with a bat infestation

One of the biggest problems involved with a bat infestation is the accumulation of bat droppings (guano). Guano accumulates in piles beneath the roosting bats and can contaminate insulation and other materials. Exposure to large quantities of bat dropping can be a serious health risk possibly causing lung infections or a disease called Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease which primarily effects the lungs. Fungal spores grow over piles of bat guano which can become air borne if disturbed. We offer complete solutions to your bat problems including guano removal, insulation replacement, sterilization and more. Each job includes a free attic inspection to determine the extent of damage that may have been done.

Bats are also know carriers of rabies and care should be taken not to come into physical contact with them. If you or someone in your household may have come into contact with a bat seek medical attention.

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